Comic book properties are perhaps more popular than ever, but that’s not primarily due to the wonderful stories being published in print: it’s the mega blockbuster franchise movies, the Sunday morning animated series, and of course, the video games starring the characters from the stories you cherish.

As interactive games became popular thanks to the NES, it was only a matter of time before someone got the brilliant idea that comic books would make great source material for video games: You’ve got colorful characters, larger than life villains, over the top powers, what more could you ask for?!

The games industry had not been kind to comic properties for a long time, but as systems and technology evolved, so to did the efforts of adapting comics to games. Players were suddenly able to swing through a full realized New York City as Spider-Man, stalk the shadows as Batman through the creepy halls of an overrun asylum, go berserk with Wolverine’s adamantium claws on unsuspecting foes and experience the heart ache and dread of the world of The Walking Dead.

There are plenty of sites dedicated to the various TV shows and movies being developed from the comic world, but not one that highlighted the developments and achievements that have been made in the games industry.

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to turn Comic Gamers Assemble into THE source of current news, reviews, and a look at the history of both the famous and infamous comic book games. Want to know the best and worst game starring the Hulk? How about Spider-Man? Batman? I want you to find all the answers within this page. Read on, share with friends, enjoy, comment.


– Blair Farrell

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