As promised, Square-Enix showed off Marvel’s Avengers during their E3 showcase last night with the game capping off their show. The collaboration between Square-Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on May 15th, 2020. The setup for the game revolves around what they’re calling “A-Day”, an event where The Avengers – Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow – are on-hand for the opening of their new West Coast base. Seen in the background is a new helicariier, which is later revealed to be powered by a Terrigan crystal, but it’s hijacked and overtaken by parties unknown that includes Taskmaster. The Avengers suffer a casualty and become pariahs with the game picking up five years after “A-Day”. Outside of Taskmaster, the only villain present was The Abomination who you see briefly fighting Hulk.

Marvel’s Avengers is a games-as-a-service title in the vein of Destiny, but Meagan Marie, senior community manager for Crystal Dynamics, came out on stage to assure everyone that the game will not have pay-to-win transactions nor loot boxes. The trailer for the game was captured using in-game footage, however it’s difficulty to ascertain just exactly how the game will play based on what was shown off. Press will more than likely get their hands on the game in the coming days so the public will more than likely have a better understanding later this week. During the press conference it was revealed that there will be exclusive content for those who play on PlayStation 4, and a brief video was shown at the end featuring a young Hank Pym.

video via Marvel Entertainment YouTube


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