gotg play set

The third and final play set that’s presently available to purchase for Disney Infinity 2.0, based on this summer’s extraordinary breakout success the Guardians of the Galaxy, is in many ways the best play set for your money, but in some respects it’s a tiny bit disappointing. The best thing that can be said about this play set is that it finally lets you explore something other than New York. The bulk of the play set takes place on Knowhere, one of the central areas from the film, which is broken up into three sections: the docking bay, the living quarters and the mining area.

gotg group

What’s so great about Knowhere other than the change of scenery is that it’s designed to be played and explored more than both of the other play sets combined. None of the characters that are compatible from the start for the set have capacity for flight so you have to rely on hand rails and climbable pipes to get around. It may seem rather limiting compared to being able to zip around by either swinging or flying, but it’s actually quite refreshing. The living quarters is a vertical platforming fans dream come true as you explore for hidden collectibles, while the mining area has some tricky timed jumps between exhaust vents. Later on you can rail grind through the entire living quarters, and given the space setting, it brought back fantastic memories of playing Ratchet and Clank.

It’s also in this set that it finally justifies having more than just the two characters in the starter pack. Gamora is great for ranged and up close combat and Star-Lord’s elemental guns and turret launching super jump move make him a fine choice for getting around, but having a character like Rocket, who’s a fantastic long-range fighter, as well as either Drax or Groot who can bypass certain sections with their climbing abilities is considered a must. In either the Avengers and Spider-Man play sets it’s of course great to have an arsenal of figures at your disposal, however you can do with what you’re provided in the boxes, and I feel the same can’t be said for this play set. While that may come off as a negative bullet point, to me it’s a positive as you can justify getting the extra figures other than to just collect and sit on your shelf.

gotg gamora

The Guardians of the Galaxy play set makes a great first impression when you’re entering each of the areas of Knowhere for the first time, but it’s when you have to start crossing back and forth that the foundation starts to crumble. Making your way around the first time is really fun as for once in these 2.0 sets you get a feeling of adventure, but I wish there was more of Knowhere to be seen. You have three quest givers: The Collector, Yondu and Cosmo, who provide a lot of missions to complete, but as they start to pile up, it becomes a chore to back track across the same few areas over and over. If you collect enough character tokens you can unlock both Iron Man and Nova as playable characters. Iron Man, who you’ll most definitely have in your arsenal as he comes with the starter pack, becomes an invaluable asset to fight the tedium of trekking back and forth across the various parts of the planet.

Upon looking at the radar you’ll see a lot of missions that need to be accomplished in the Guardians of the Galaxy set, but despite this you get overall the feeling that this is much shorter than either the Avengers or Spider-Man set. Missions in both of those often had multi-tiered objectives that involved you going to at least a few places and yes, hitting things, but a bulk of the objectives here just have you going somewhere collecting an item or beating one or a group of enemies. The film of the same name had spectacular space battles which would’ve been a great fit here and the mechanics were in place for a basic space shooter in a few missions of the Spider-Man set, so it’s a shame that none were developed specifically for this set. The only craft I flew was a kart-esque version of the Milano that I had to drive for one race.

For the new mechanics introduced in the GOTG set you get a few generic turret sections and a new weapon towards the very end of the campaign that is used for a few basic puzzles and the last encounter with Ronan the Accuser. The gun lets you charge dead power cells and manipulate energy spheres on top of being a VERY over powered tool for taking down large tank sized enemies. Much like the symbiote gun in the Spider-Man game, it’s fun to play with but it’s used in play much less.

gotg rocket

If you’re not able to purchase each of the play set expansions for Disney Infinity 2.0 and were given a choice over Spider-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, the edge would tip towards Guardians of the Galaxy. The setting is really refreshing in contrast to the bland, lifeless New York City found in both the other play sets, and it’s also a genuine joy to explore. The biggest complaint I can lodge against the Guardians of the Galaxy play set is that I wish this was a full-fledged game as opposed to a small add-on. If you can take away anything from this adventure it shows just how much it is to play around in the universe the Guardians of the Galaxy inhabit.


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