Sandbox Gaming is an organization located in my home province of Newfoundland that raises money for local children’s charities such as Easter seals NL, the St. John’s REAL program, the Janeway play rooms, as well as the Penny Arcade sponsored Child’s Play charity. To date the non-profit organization has raised over $22,000 for various charities; making a difference in children’s lives, uniting the local gaming community and destroying stereotypes about gaming as a culture.

This August the organization will be holding a local gaming expo from the 23rd through to the 24th, and will include tournaments, a place to relax and play some handheld games, an area to play table top games and purchase merchandise from Sandbox as well as local artisans, oh, and did I mention there’s a chance to win prizes? Needless to say if you’re in the area during this weekend and you’re a gaming fan, you have no reason not to go!

I’m proud to announce that Comic Gamers Assemble will be one of the many proud sponsors for the event. Should you also want to get involved with the organization, you can reach them in a few different ways:

Via their website

On Facebook

Also on Twitter

Whether or not you’re from the province of Newfoundland, you should support this great cause.


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