We’ve seen both Rocket and Groot in the initial trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0, as well as the packaging for the Star-Lord and Gamora figures for the game. Now during a recent event in San Francisco a producer on the game, John Vignocchi, provided more details on what players can look forward to in the Guardians of the Galaxy playset.

starlord gamora disney infinity 20

The expansion will be developed by Studio Gobo, who also worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean playset in the first edition of the series and is coming this fall. The story involves the team obtaining one of the Infinity stones, with the  acquisition putting them in the sights of Ronan the Accuser. Each of the five team members will have access to their own unique special abilities: Star-Lord has the ability to dual-wield pistols and super jump, Drax can climb walls with his daggers, Groot can attack with his extended tree limbs, Gamora is a heavy melee fighter and Rocket can fire a super blast that is useful for clearing out huge waves of foes.

disney infinity rocket

Upon completion of the campaign, gamers can then be able to customize their toy box with special Guardians of the Galaxy themed items. Now all we need to see are the official pictures of the Rocket and Groot figures to round out the Guardians goodness.


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