Polygon has a write up of High Moon and Activision’s upcoming action game based on Marvel’s Deadpool. The demo they were given sounds like it’s coming from a  pretty early build, but is also sounds very promising. You can safely assume that with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron dropping this week that development will be ramping up for the 2013 release. The start of the demo has Deadpool taping on the TV screen, very much well aware that he’s in a videogame. He’s tasked in the preview build with assassinating mogul Chance White, producer of the TV program “Jump the Shark”.

What I liked in particular from the article is the jumping tutorial, where you have to have to jump on a bounce about castle and are chastised if you fail by him. That and Deadpool humming “Smooth Criminal” to himself.

Gameplay seems to be taking a page from Devil May Cry, which isn’t a bad thing, with Deadpool juggling his opponents with his guns and katana’s. You can read the full write up HERE.

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