Several outlets have written reports about their hands on time with Beenox’s upcoming the Amazing Spider-Man and have shared a few new details about the mechanics and a new villian.

For months developer Beenox has touted the new mechanic known as “Web Rush” but has not gone into further detail until now. Players will hold the trigger of their respective controller’s and be brought into a first-person perspective view within Spider-Man’s mask. You can then highlight your respective destination based on your proximity to that location, release the trigger and Spider-Man will move to there. This particular mechanic can be used for both outdoor environmental traversial and for positioning yourself strategically within indoor areas to perform stealth takedowns, similar to those in the “Arkham” games.

Speaking of the “Arkham” games, reports are indicating that the combat system in the Amazing Spider-Man is very similar to that of the popular Batman titles. Spider-Man will see similar cues to know when to counter foes and consecutive hits will build into a combo multiplier. Hey, it worked for Batman and Captain America, why not Spider-Man?

The new demo also revealed another villian that will appear in the game. The villain is the Iguana who appeard in issues of the Spectacular Spider-Man in the late 70’s. In the comics, the character is related to the Lizard (the main villian in the film) but whereas the Lizard was a man who turned into a humanoid Lizard, the Iguana was a labratory lizard who turned into human size and utilized a hypnotic stare.  The character as he appears in the game has somewhat of a resemblance to Killer Croc from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

You can read the IGN preview for the new build here.

You can also read more about the Iguana here.

UPDATE: You can watch a video interview from GDC with Dee Brown, studio head of Beenox, here.


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